Exciting new tradition for Berea Pirate Seniors


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This weekend, on September 14 and 15, Berea Community High School seniors are going to take part in a special event that will soon become a yearly tradition: the senior parking spot paintings. Our students have the option to buy a parking pass for the student parking lot, and starting this weekend the seniors will have the chance to upgrade their passes for the small fee of $5, on top of the current $5 parking pass.

Once the parking passes are released it will be up to the student whether or not they want to pay to take part in this opportunity, but with the great opportunity to participate in this new tradition, most, if not all seniors will likely be attending this exciting new event.

There are a few boundaries to the paintings the students are allowed to create: they must be school appropriate, include the student’s last name somewhere in the painting, and they must stay within a 3 foot by 4 foot area to maintain the parking lines. The students are responsible for their own supplies to paint their parking spots; for example, brushes, paints, stencils, etc. Students are urged to buy paint that can withstand the elements of nature as well, to promote environmental sustainability and lasting designs.

Principal Donna Lovell hopes that this will be a yearly tradition that the underclassmen can look forward to, leaving their own footprint promoting school spirit and pride. However, though the creations of the seniors will be cherished, they will be painted over each year with the flow of the new senior class, along with any designs that are deemed inappropriate in the administration’s eyes.

As the seniors look forward to the start of this tradition this weekend, the rest of the school is excited to see what the seniors come up with as they show their creative capabilities in this two day event. Only time will tell whether this will become a successful new tradition that will be looked forward to far into the future of Berea Community High School.